Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scared Rabbit

For a few days there, I just felt like a scared rabbit. This place is so different from everything that I am use to, the landscape, the people (and lack of them), and the weather. I was nervous driving to town even. I checked out the library, looks like I will have to buy books at the grocery store or online. I have also made a few trips to Albertson's. I've noticed the customers wear camouflage a lot, as daily wear, not just for shooting elk. Getting out of the house helped a bit, but I don't know how I will fit in here. There was a very large quilting store in town, maybe it is time to learn how to do that and make some new friends. Every day I see pronghorn in different fields, and it is nice to live in a place wild enough to support them. Cowboy hates them though, not only because they taste bad, but they kept eating his seedling trees until he called Fish and Game and told them he would shoot them unless they did something about it. Fish and Game put up a nice fence around the baby trees for him. I think pronghorn are beautiful, and will post a pic here eventually, I usually see them while driving around 60 mph down a country highway and can't stop.


  1. Hey Rabbit... SMILE!
    I know of Antelopes; is there an Unclelope?

    Didja eva notice... you can get all sorts of nasty stains on camouflage... and no one sees them? Tundra Tuxedos?

    Such to learn from Cowboy and those folks there, that 'Skillful Americana,' I pre-lement the potential loss. _m

  2. I got some pictures of antelope today. No uncleopes here. Cowboy only wears camo for elk hunting, so that is nice. Tundra tuxedo, that is funny :) I'm not making fun, I love all Americana, it is what makes life interesting, how different "normal" is for all of us.