Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pointless Work and the Valentine

I feel kind of useless being at work today, I already cleaned out my office and am just waiting till Friday comes so that I am done with this job. Tasks accomplished today: free meal with the people from the corporation that took over my corporation while an engineer presented something about the drainage she is working on, I carried a very large spider plant to Paul's office, I used lots of corporate tape to remove hair from my polartec fleece, an exit meeting with my boss and the payroll lady, I checked road conditions in Colorado and Wyoming for my drive up next week, and I took my wildlife textbooks down to my car.

I'm still thinking about the Valentine card I received in the mail yesterday, it was very sweet with a gift card. Is this my first valentine? It might be. The card was in a pink envelope with hearts on it, and the card had a couple of dogs on it. It said "I Chews You" inside with his signature. I kept looking at it, thinking about how he touched it just a few days before, it is something to hold on to and treasure.

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