Sunday, February 21, 2010

Montana Visit

Cowboy has to go to a training in Casper all next week and he wants me to go, so yesterday we went to Montana to drop off his dogs with his parents. We left early and the roads were all iced over, I was glad he was driving. He was going 80 the whole way, and pointed to spots were his truck has spun out before and he almost died. Pointed out other spots where he saw other cars spin out and go off bridges. The seat belt alarm kept beeping at us.

I think Wyoming is teaching me that I can't control everything.

We stopped in Buffalo for McDonald's for breakfast. The city had a solid block of ice on every street. I told him I haven't eaten McDonald's since I was in junior high. One of his dogs kept putting his short little legs over the seat and licking his face for a bite of hash browns, the other dog didn't care about the food at all.

The drive was beautiful as we passed the Bighorn Mountains that sat below a heavy snow cloud on our left. We also drove past the battlefield of Custer's last stand at Little Bighorn, which is a river. Cowboy pointed to a huge stone on top of a snow covered hill where Custer was buried before they shipped him back to the east to his wife. He said that the native camp was 3 miles long and one mile wide when Custer came, and that he was a fool for even trying to fight those many people.

We wandered around a Big R store in Billings, MT that had everything a cowboy could dream of owning. There were several heads of animals on the walls of the large warehouse like box store, and we looked at camping gear, guns, and knifes. I ended up buying a good pair of gloves to keep my fingers from falling off in the cold. His Dad came and he took the dogs home, which is about 2 hours away. We went to a few other places in the big city, and had a nice dinner before coming back to Gillette. Cowboy washed his truck, and it is now a pretty blue instead of a solid brown.

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