Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Day of Work

I felt a lot of love on my last day of work. Me and my co-workers went out for Thai food for lunch, then I spent the afternoon cleaning off my work laptop of pictures. I was so exhausted from the stress of losing my laptop, I've had it two years. The vice president called toward the end of the day, wishing me luck with my next job, and it really touched me. I will actually be only two hours away from her place in South Dakota, and might visit her. She was the one who hired me a couple of years ago when I was much in need for money.

I came home and babysat my one year old nephew for the night as a guy installed cable for my sister. She got a little jealous of me quitting my job and decided to quit hers too. I guess she needs the cable to entertain herself, not having anything to do now. She certainly won't be cleaning. My nephew is learning to walk, so I took his socks off so he could get a grip on the floor with his feet. He was walking all over the place without the socks! She feeds him crap, like McDonald's Happy Meals already when he has only 4 teeth. So I snuck some kale into his mash potatoes I fed him, to get a few vitamins in him at least, and used car noises to get him to eat. We had some bonding moments.

I crashed in bed early, I was so tired from the day.

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