Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ranger's Cold Day

Yesterday was just a day to relax. I got up around 5am and fed the horses for Cowboy who is out of town training for his job, taking apart diesel engines and stuff like that. I'm not quit use to getting up so early, so fell asleep several times throughout the day. There was this horrible smell coming from the kitchen, it was the large crock pot. I opened it and almost threw up at the rotten smell of some kind of ham that has been sitting there for a while. After cleaning that up as well as the clutter sitting around the kitchen, I went outside to take pictures of all the animals around here on these twenty some acres.

I let Ranger out early in the morning, thinking he would come back inside in about an hour. He preferred to stay out all day than to walk past me inside the house. He is not what you would call an Alpha dog, but more of a huge baby scared of everyone and everything. I tried to get him inside all day with chunks of roast beef laid out in a trail, leaving the door open with a boot, and even trying to just grab him and pull him in. He stayed out till late at night when his owner came home, even then resisting his desire to come inside. The roommate was eating dinner and his dog was staring inside the dining room window at him whimpering. Ranger finally came in after that, hungry and thirsty.


  1. Ranger, huh?
    __Ah... the stories I could tell you about Siberians.
    __Like the photos of the sleepy dogs, the Siamese
    and the 'hoof-mates,' and it sounds like your havin' an in-trestin' time.

    Take care of yourself, Annie. _m

  2. I got Ranger to come in for me last night, he is getting use to me. All the animals around here are cute :)