Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Need to Buy Anything

Feeling somewhat stressed with my childhood, high school, and college memories spread out all over my room. I really don't want to look at any of them, just organizing them to put in my parent's basement. I will just take some clothes, camping gear, and my favorite cooking pans to Wyoming with me.

Everyone wants to hang out with me before I leave Albuquerque, I spent yesterday with my sister. She insisted that we go out to eat at one of those chain restaurants, so I did if for her. I hate eating out these days after living in hotels for so long and getting fat at places like Chilies for the last couple of years. We then stumbled over to the mall after our margaritas, since I drove, she allowed her self a few drinks, she never drinks. I pushed her baby in his stroller across the parking lot. We walked into Dillard's and she managed to spend $300 in a few minutes just inside the door while I almost fell asleep in a chair along with the sleeping baby. Then I couldn't get her out of this shoe store in the mall that was blaring loud music, with cheap clothes and shoes. She was buying shoes like crazy, but I steered her away from these multicolored plastic ones (see pic) and a another pair that had a plastic mold of a gun for a heel. How are we related? I found a pair of boots that looked somewhat classy, and she bought them along with a lot of other stuff for a few hundred. I chased the baby around the stores while she tried stuff on, then bought it all. It was so funny when she wasn't tipsy anymore and she realized she spent around $600 in an hour. She regretted the shoes a little. Good sister fun.

Today was non-stop organizing and packing, along with some errands across the city with mom. I'm tired.


  1. Your Dad... has me by a year.
    What's wrong with these shoes?

    Historic fiction? Allow me to recommend books written by Kathleen and Micheal Geer, one an anthropologist, the other, an archeologist. They have written a series of books about American Natives... fact based fiction. "People of the XXXX" (XXXX = Mist, Lakes, Caves, and many more)

  2. An add in, had to look for the address, but a search works.

    The Gear's web

    And, if I'm not mistaken, their ranch is somewhere in Wyoming.

  3. Thank you, will have to order them on Amazon.

    You like those shoes? Haha!