Monday, March 1, 2010

Library Card

I convinced cowboy to come into the library this past weekend and get me a library card since I won't exactly have a place of residence for some time. I will be camping for my job even. He told the librarian he hadn't been in here since high school, and back then the library was downtown. He doesn't like to read, said he made it through high school by watching the movies of all the classics. It is alright, I don't like to fix diesel engines like him, none of us are perfect. Cowboy giving me his new library card means a lot to me.

I love to read, and some of the most comforting places to me are bookstores and libraries. My mom was a librarian, and I would stay in the library with her for hours everyday after school reading books and looking up stuff in the encyclopedias. It is probably why I know so many random facts. My sister's kids don't know about much other than TV shows and video games, which surprises me since I spent my childhood researching stuff that interested me.

I'm on a library computer now, where the internet is quit reliable, unlike at home. I've felt disconnected from the rest of the world for a week now, which has been nice really.

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