Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cows, Mountains and Pony

We passed rivers, creeks, and fields as cowboy showed me the area that he use to be a deputy sheriff in Montana. The land around Three Forks was absolutely beautiful, but it was too cloudy to see the mountains yet. He then drove strait up into the mountains to show me the small old mining town of Pony, where his brother is building his cabin. Clouds peeled away from gigantic mountains as we drove up, and it was one of the prettiest places that I have ever seen.

After more log peeling, and spending time with his parents and brother's family, we headed home. This time I could see all the mountains along the way and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them as he pointed to log mansions that belonged to the stars like Tom Cruise. It is a very scenic area, and I loved looking at all the ranches along the way. Black cows on hilltops ate abundant grass with huge mountains behind them, click click went my camera. He pointed to a road that lead to White Sulfur Springs, a place that I almost took a job in. I told him I made a mistake taking a job in Wyoming instead. I started asking him questions about ranching, and told him my dream of owning my own land around the area someday.

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