Friday, June 4, 2010

Sharing My Campsite with a Young Bull Moose

From Buffalo I drove up into the Big Horn mountains on Hwy 16. I pulled off on a side road that my GPS indicated was French Creek Road. My little car took a few hits to it's under belly from the rough road until I decided to park it and set up camp for the night, just a little over 1k away from the next morning's bird point.

I went to pull out my tent when I saw him, a young bull moose just about 100 meters away from me, laying in a patch of grass by the creek that was lined with quaking aspen trees. He looked at me and his ears went back, I froze, not sure what he would do next. We both relaxed and just went on with out night really. After I set up my tent and starting knitting on my hat for Quick, he decided that it was dinner time. He got up and stretched and without even a glance my way he started eating the same vegetation he was just lying in. This went on for hours, he browsed all around my tent, but my camera quickly ran out of batteries. I didn't want to go to my car though to get more and upset the moose, so I glanced up at him from my knitting or reading every once in a while to make sure he wasn't too close to trample me by accident. Night fell, and I lost track of the moose. I drifted off to sleep after a few pages from my book.

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