Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friends and Snow

I woke up and looked out the window to see the ground covered in snow, no outside birding that day. We spent the whole day cooped up inside, taking bird quizzes.

Some new friends that I have made are Quick, a tough girl with a shaved head and a lot of camo in her wardrobe, she also makes chain mail out of soda pop can tops then makes them into purses or art. I love how she would sit at the table every night and write her friend with post cards, and she would write in a journal for another friend. She said "This is how I let this person know I care." I was really touched by that, and thought of my friend Ellen's hand made envelopes and handwritten letters that I got from her. I promised to knit her a skull cap in camo colors, and will buy some post cards to mail her.

Erin is a surfer girl that just moved back to Wyoming after living in Humbolt, CA for a while. She showed up with long neat braids on both sides of her head and a beanie on top, then let her braids down later to reveal wavy long hair. She said she had a friend braid them, and she can't do it herself. She has the cabin room next to mine, we were both lucky to have beds when so many people had to sleep in their tents.

Whitney was also a northern California girl, with short artistically styled hair. I think she is a vegetarian. We all gather in Erin's room on her bed and study birds every night from the Thayer's software on her laptop, and we have a lot of fun doing it together even though we might not learn as many birds that way.

Another person I get along with is Jay from the Idaho Bird Observatory. He is the most skilled birder in the group and was just there to learn about my organization and maybe join up with them as partners in his state. We were all bored at a plant veg training as some people argue too much over percentages of stuff. I didn't care at all, knew what I was doing already, I've done so much plant stuff. Jay started throwing juniper berries at people out of boredom and was surprised when I threw a few his way. We all went to the booming town of Hot Springs, SD for internet, beer, and a hockey game and we had a nice chat.

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